A Lesson In Adversity

Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 12:38pm

Students who lost their school to Hurricane Irene are learning in the great outdoors.

Students throughout Vermont had the start of the school year disrupted by Tropical Storm Irene.

Several schools were forced to close because their buildings were flooded and roads were washed out.

Moretown Elementary School found a unique way around evacuating: setting up class in tents.

If you you believe school's best taught in a classroom, you might want to speak with third-grader Maya McNamme.

"We're just having tents as our classroom, and I think it's really fun," McNamme said.

Moretown students are learning outdoors after Tropical Storm Irene flooded the building.

"A lot of septic water mixed in with river water and it kind of coated the bottom of our floors," Principal Duane Pierson said.

Since then, only crews have been inside the building trying to sanitize it and make it up to health standards.

In the meantime teachers have taken students on field trips, like to the ECHO Leahy Science Center, and found several lesson plans right there on school grounds.

"Students have been going into the land and finding certain things about science and bringing art projects back out and science project back out," Pierson said.

Teachers believe it's paying off.

"They are still working hard and trying their best, but it's fun it's a lot of fun for them," Fifth-grade teacher Diana Puffer said.

And if the students had a say in where they choose to learn, many might keep it just the way it is.

"I've been really enjoying it. It's not like regular school," Fifth-grader Erica Dow said.

"You get to be outside a lot and run around, so you get more exercise," McNamme said.

The principal expects classes will resume back in the building Monday.

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