9/11 Beam Displayed at New Fire Station

Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 7:43am

Today marks the 11th anniversary on the attacks of the Twin Towers.

"September 11th is a very significant day, it's a very significant day for the united states for the attacks, but more so for the fire service because that is the deadliest day in the history of the fire service. We had 343 firefighters killed when the world trade center collapsed," South Padre Island Fire Chief.

The South Padre Island Fire Department chose today to unveil their newly built 18-thousand square foot fire department.

And to coincide with the significance of this day, a very special piece of history is on display at the fire department, a piece of beam from one of the two World Trade Centers that went down on that fateful day eleven years ago.

"It's important to remember so we never forget and never let it happen again," says Susan Geery, SPI Resident.

People gathered around to get a closer look at this piece of history after the ceremony.

"It is important to remember as we not only honor those that have dedicated their lives to serving citizens and people, not only of our island and cities around the country, just to remember why we are here, to be a part of this and to bring something so beautiful to our city....Obviously he doesn't understand the significance right now, i think it's very important to pass along to our children and let them remember and let them know the significance of it as well," says the mother and father of a two year old.

The fire department put a request in for the beam and was awarded the one ton piece of steal last year. The chief says it will serve as a daily reminder of the higher standard that firefighters are held to.

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