9 year-old sneaks on plane, flys to Las Vegas

9 year-old sneaks on plane, flys to Las Vegas
Sunday, October 6, 2013 - 8:23am

An incident at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport is under investigation. Authorities are trying to figure out how a 9 year-old boy was able to sneak onto a flight to Las Vegas, Dave Berggren reports no one noticed the boy until the flight was well underway.

We've all been through it, Checkers, a lot of checkers.

Multiple security stops before taking a seat on a plane, but last Thursday at MSP, major miscues.

Ryan Linderman, Minneapolis Traveler, "That's shocking? That's really crazy to me."

Somehow a 9 year-old boy sneaked past security checkpoint number 4, past gate agents inside and on to Delta flight 1651 headed to Las Vegas.

The plane left Minneapolis with the boy, a runaway from the Twin Cities, on board.

He was finally questioned and stopped in Nevada

Airport officials tells us surveillance footage shows the boy likely passing through the airport without a boarding pass.

Ryan Linderman, "I can't think that a child unattended wouldn't be attended too."

In a brief statement, Delta says, "We are investigation the incident and cooperating with the agencies involved."

It was the same reaction when we reached out to the TSA.

Traveler, "That's crazy. I have an 8-year-old son. That would freak me out."

We all know it takes several security steps just to board a plane.

We spoke to a travel expert Terry Trippler who said this is a major lapse on many levels, "Flight crew, then the gate agents, then TSA."

Trippler researches the commercial air travel industry and all of its rules and regulations, "All the expense in this to keep us safe since 911, and it has, but still we have gapping holes and this was a perfect example of it.:

He says stowaways like this are rare, especially with children. Officials with MSP International say the child is in protective custody and is returning to the Twin Cities

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