6th Street approved to be narrowed

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POSTED: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 4:55pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 9:08am

In a 4-2 vote at Brownsville's city commission meeting last night, the 6th Street project was officially approved to be implemented soon.

That means the three lane street will be narrowed to two and the sidewalk will be expanded to cater to more pedestrians:

"It was an opportunity to overlay the street and create something better than what we started with - improving safety, and walkability and not infringing traffic," said Brownsville city commissioner Dr. Rose Gowen.

Traffic studies were also presented at the public hearing, which stated the following:

"Traffic would not be disturbed, and that there was plenty of capacity on a two lane street for the same amount of traffic," said Dr. Gowen.

Despite the traffic study that came to light at last night's city commission meeting, some people believe that it wasn't a very accurate representation of the traffic flow on 6th Street.

"Yesterday we were presented a traffic study that happened without children being present, without parents doing drop offs, without the bus traffic, and so, it's the middle of summer," said Brownsville city commissioner Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa. "You didn't actually get a correct feel of what the traffic that uses that corner actually is."

The Texas Department of Transportation granted Brownsville $150,000 to complete the project. Some commissioners believed the funds could have been better allocated throughout other parts of the city to actually give people access to the Mitte Cultural District.

"We have areas in Southmost that do not have sidewalks at all, that do not have trails, that do not have connectivity to this museum, to this cultural district, so if at the end of the day we're wanting more of our constituency to have access to these public spaces, then let's do that," said Brownsville City Commissioner Deborah Portillo.


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