6-Year-Old Packs Airsoft Gun

Friday, March 1, 2013 - 10:16am

Boy suspended after taking airsoft pistol to school "for protection".

An Ohio first grader is suspended after bringing an airsoft gun to school.

The child told Avon Police he and his cousin were threatened by another student. On Friday, the student carried it to the bus stop in his backpack, showing it to the student who threatened him.

When teachers found out, they took the gun and called police.
Now he could be expelled from school.

"The world, the way it is today, I can't blame them for throwing him out of school. But it's too bad," said his grandmother Mary Phillips.

Phillips says she understands why Avon Schools suspended her six-year-old grandson.

"He's never been dangerous. He's definitely not dangerous. No way," she said, of the boy.

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