4 men held captive in Houston

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 10:00am

Texas authorities freed four men Friday who they said appeared to have been held captive in a North Houston home. They say some were in what was essentially a garage turned prison. They may have been there for years. Ed Lavandera is in Houston and has more

It's a bizarre story that Houston police detectives are investigating. On Friday, Houston police were called out to a neighborhood on the north side of the city. When they arrived in this neighborhood and looked inside this house, they say they discovered four men who were being held against their will in a garage area of this house. Now authorities say there were four men ranging in age from possibly 50 and 80 years old. They were malnourished and had to be taken to the hospital for treatments and checkups. Now authorities say they are still trying to unravel what exactly has been going on here, especially trying to figure out just how long these men have been held against their will. They say that it is possibly more then weeks, possibly more than months that they were held inside this house. Detectives say they were lured into this house by someone, a suspect that has been taken into custody, and they were lured into the house with the promise of receiving cigarettes and possibly beer.

"The men initially told us they were lured there with the promise of cigarettes and food and once they arrived at the address they were not allowed to leave and were kept in these conditions."

Now Houston police say they have a suspect in custody but they are not releasing the person's name because the person has not been charged. Those charges could come as early as Saturday morning. We saw on Friday afternoon the person being put in the back of the police car. Police detectives also do say they suspect that some of the men were telling them that some of their government welfare checks possibly social security checks or veteran checks have been taken from them by this suspect. So that is one of the avenues and one of the things investigators here are taking a much closer look at as a possible motive.

And that police spokeswoman says investigators are also looking into whether four women found at the home were captives.


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