20th Anniversary Of Mark Kilroy Death & Cult Killing's

POSTED: Thursday, March 12, 2009 - 5:36pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 6:41am

We are coming up on the 20th anniversary of the murder of University of Texas student Mark Kilroy. Police say he along with close to 40 people were killed by a Mexican cult.

In March of 1989 Mark went on spring break like any normal college student to South Padre Island.
On March 13th Mark went with a group of friends over the border to Matamoros.
The following day his friends called Mark's parents and told him that he had disappeared.

His concerned parents called authorities to report his son's disappearance. They contacted the Cameron County Sheriff Department and Chief Investigator George Gavito.
It had been several days and no site of Mark, but investigators including Customs Agents got a lead when they pulled over Serafin Hernandez who went through a road block. he was driving with 250-pounds of marijuana. It led investigators to a ranch. There they arrested Hernandez and they took the caretaker of the ranch as well. The care taker told authorities Hernandez and several others kidnapped Kilroy and tied him up. Police then questioned hernandez.

"Serafin Hernandez thought Contanzo which is the godfather, which we found later was the head of the cult, and he thought he would walk into the office and just pull him, rescue him and take him out, was his believe. They did not have to hit him to get a confession, he told them yes, he's buried, we killed him."

Later investigators found Kilroy's body on April 11th along with a total of 14 other bodies at the ranch. Investigators say Adolfo Contanzo and his drug cult were practicing Palo Mayombe.

"In the early years in Africa, they would do human sacrifice this guy thought if an animal sacrifice is powerful, humans would a lot better, so he started killing people. He needed it to give to the ingonga, being the pot they worshipped, to give it strength, and for them, to give him power and the group power."

Cult members thought they were invisible. In total law enforcement say they believe that 37 people were murdered at the ranch by Contanzo Sara Aldrete, and several other cult members.

Since those tragic murders across the border 20 years ago, the Kilroy's have written a book of all the events that have unfolded, and started the Mark Kilroy Foundation where the proceeds collected from the book go towards preventing those who are drug addicts.

Today the Kilroy's a very religious family know their son is a better place, heaven.

Today Contanzo is no longer alive, there are several different stories on how he died. Sara Aldrete remains in Mexico City in jail serving her 45 year sentence.

Here is the link to the Mark Kilroy Foundation:


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my mom told me the story about him getting murdered. but the thing is that Mark Kilroy was my second cousin who i never got the chance to meet. His parents are Jim Kilroy my uncle and Helen Kilroy my aunt.RIP Mark my second cousin.

He was actually more closely related; he was your regular FIRST cousin.How could you have a cousin any closer than the son of your aunt and uncle? Who told you otherwise? Hard to believe--but sorry--you never met your first cousin. sounded like a great guy.

Greg in Eugene

I recently found the book The Matamoros Cult Killings and read it. I was horrified by what took place. Looking at his picture and reading the details of his murder I could not help but feel for him, family and friends. I am a christian and believe in jesus. So I know that he is in heaven looking down and am sure he has forgiven those responsible. I also admire his parents for having the will to forgive. You are much stronger than I could ever be and for that I admire you.Cameron Villatoro

It is a horrible story. I remember very well that story. Every morning reading the newspapers in hope that we could read good news about Mark Kilroy being found, but instead of good news it was how what we never expected. As a parent and grand parent I can feel the Kilroy's paint. It is something no parent should go through. I pray that no other human being will go through that. We need to remind our kids the danger of going to Mexico. It is no longer a safe place to visit. Norma

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