2 Undocumented Immigrants Dead Following Rollover


POSTED: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 3:41pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 3:44pm

Brownsville-Police markings are on the 100 block of Ruben Torres Tuesday. Police say Monday night this 1999 Jeep Cherokee with Minnesota plates rolled over with eight illegal immigrants inside, two of them ended up dying. Hazel Ieppert was inside her home when the vehicle rolled over.

"Suddenly I heard like a boom, and we went outside and we heard the ambulance and police."

Border patrol says an agent found the vehicle rolled over after 11 pm and then notified police. Just minutes before Border Patrol says they saw the same vehicle loading people inside it two miles away.

Brownsville police chief Orlando Rodriguez says before the vehicle flipped over it was traveling at high rate of speed.

"Left the road on the right side, hit a tree, and it was estimated they traveling at speeds that were around 70-75 miles per hour."

19 year old Arturo Venagas and a 13 year old from Mexico died from the crash. Police believe the 13 year old was a human trafficker.

"The occupants were telling us they had been picked up as undocumented immigrants with hopes of making there way north."

Border Patrol says that they are searching for two others that fled. Four people were taken the hospital, two have been treated and released and are now in Border Patrol custody. Once the two others are treated and released from hospital they will also be taken to the Border Patrol Station.


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