2 teens charged after dog abuse caught on camera and posted on Facebook


POSTED: Friday, February 28, 2014 - 4:15pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 3, 2014 - 9:15am

WARNING: This item contains material that some viewers may find disturbing

Two Missouri teenagers are in trouble after video of a dog being abused was posted online, Angie Mock shows us the disturbing video.

Angie Mock, "People were furious after the video was posted to Facebook and it ultimately got the attention of St. Louis County Police."

Mark Poepsel, SIUE Media Professor., "It kind of transitions to where he starts punching the dog and that's disgusting."

We caught up with the mother of one of the teens who was headed out to see her son at a juvenile facility, Angie Mock, "You're shocked about what happened?".

Mother of teen, "Yeah I'm shocked about what happened because I didn't think my son would do some things like that. No way."

The teen conducting the abuse as well as the teen in this video seen shooting it, have both been charged with animal abuse.

The worst of the video we can't even show you. We spoke with a social media expert at SIUE and he said this is typical for something like to this to spread.

Mark Poepsel, "Things go viral if they're interesting enough and if they hit us in enough areas that concern us. I think that's what's happening. You're seeing something that's immediately, emotionally disturbing. People are going to have a reaction to seeing this animal get body slammed and hearing it yelp so there are just a lot of emotional things that happen to people who views this and they feel like I need to let other people know about this because it's a real concern."

He added that when the public sees something like this, they feel a threat, and the feeling of fear and disgust is what makes them turn over video to authorities, media and pass along tips.

Facebook users were instrumental in  helping police track down the teens but it still remains a mystery why the teens would want to post the vicious video in the first place.

Mark Poepsel, "It's tough to speculate first of all why somebody would do something like that but the general sense that we have is that people are performing on social media to some extent. So there's something about himself that he wants people to understand by posting this. He wants people to think he's tough or funny or both."

The dog seen in the video was seized by Animal Control and will remain in their care while the case is active. The dog will then be put up for adoption.

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Some people have complained that videos showing cruelty to animals should not be shown on Facebook. Very wrong. It's because this video was shown that police got involved and these pipsqueaks were arrested. If these videos are not shown, how will we know about them to complain and have arrests made? There is a petition going around trying to get Facebook to prevent these videos from being shown. Would the petitioner prefer the abuse to continue in private for no one to report it?

I'll adopt the dog get me info

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