15 year-old buys car for a $1

Sunday, December 1, 2013 - 10:29am

A Texas teenager feels like he hit the lottery after getting to buy a car for $1.

A Houston car dealership sold five cars at that price during a Black Friday special.

Reginald Anokwuru was standing by one of those cars when a salesman came over and put the price on the hood,  "I was just happy. I could feel it."

Reporter, " You just knew it. Do you have a driver's license yet?"

Reginald, "No I'm going to get it during the summer."

Reporter, "What went through your mind? "

Reginald, "A lot of things. Like I just won the lotto."

Anokwuru's mother also got a car for $1.

The dealership has been running the Black Friday special since 2008.

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