13 Year-Old Teen Charged in Stolen Vehicle Crime

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 - 11:23am

MISSION - A trip to return some movies at a local Redbox turned into a nightmare for a mother and her son.

It happened around 8 PM at the corner of Shary road and FM 495 outside a Walgreens store and as the victim parked her car. with the keys and her son inside the vehicle, a 13 year-old teen got into the car. The mother jumped onto the hood of the car and held on until she was thrown off the vehicle. The teen then lead officers on a high speed chase that ended near Penitas. The mother and child were okay, but police are warning all motorist not to leave their keys or more importantly their children inside a vehicle. Cpl. Manuel Casas of the Mission Police Department said, "In this case it was a lady dropping off her movies at a Redbox, but it could easily be you pumping gas at a gas station, where you leave you vehicle or your keys in the ignition with you child inside . My recommendations is if you're able to do it, if you're going to be that close while you're pumping gas, for example, turn off your vehicle put your keys in your pocket, at least you'll have a better chance."

The teen was charged with various crimes including unauthorized use of a vehicle and endangerment of a child.

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