11 year-old student attending TCU

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 10:54am

The first weeks of college as a freshman are nerve wracking enough, but imagine heading off to college at 11 years-old! John McCaa introduces us to a boy genius who is the youngest person ever to attend Texas Christian University.

Carson Huey-You, College Freshman, "I really, really, like school."

Carson Huey-You got accepted at TCU when he was ten years-old, possibly the youngest in university history, majoring in Quantum physics, education grounds him.

Carson Huey-You, "I really like numbers. It also kind of calms me down a little bit, like when I'm upset."

His mother is always near. Carson could graduate before he ever learns to drive, but age has never been his challenge, "When I was about 5 years old, more or less, I was put into 8th grade with a bunch of people that were a lot taller and a lot older."

Claretta Huey-You, "It's not like I'm leaving him here and he's gonna stay in the dorms and join a fraternity."

Magnus Rigby, Professor, "When people have worries about him going to college at this age, my response is, what else would he do?"

Carson is the first to admit, there are a few downsides to being an 11 year-old college student, "Making friends, trying to lift things. Mom has to carry my backpack full of books this thick."

But Carson  holds his head high, even when that's waist level to classmates

Magnus Rigby, "I think students will learn from him. Also if they see an 11-year-old can stand up in the classroom and voice his opinion about things that will maybe encourage them to do the same thing."

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