11 Car Pile Up On An Overpass

Saturday, February 5, 2011 - 11:28am

MCALLEN-  The Department of Transportation told News Center 23 that they've responded to over 20 car crashes since 6 a.m. due to ice on the roads and more were expected during Friday. On the Bicentennial overpass in McAllen there was a massive car pile up that happened Thursday night. The cars crashed into each other and the ice on the roads made it very dangerous for drivers.

Eleven cars spun out of control on thin ice and putting their lives and lives of others in the path of danger, three people were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

"All parties involved out of the vehicles got them to safety," said Sergeant Beto Jimenez of McAllen PD. "Some responded to the hospital with minor injuries the cars were left up here because the overpass was frozen.

Cindy Ramirez was driving along with her family last night when the chaos happened and says she's thankful she didn't crash and that no one in her car was hurt.

"We were coming up we saw all these cars up here but no one told us to come up because of the ice so we didn't know what we were dealing with," said Ramirez.  "So when i got closer i started braking the truck started sliding i got scared i thought i was going to hit that truck so..it was a bad experience."

A couple of car's front was completely destroyed and the air bags deployed and car parts were spread across the overpass. This scene is a reminder for drivers to take traffic alerts seriously.

"The most important thing is drive slowly, cautious and control your speed and if you start to skid, don't panic, don't slam on the brakes slamming on the brakes will cause your vehicle to loose control. and basically controlling your speed," said Jimenez.

The cars were left on the overpass overnight and the ice which formed started to melt from them as the sun starting to shine through. Crews from the City of McAllen came out Friday morning putting gravel on the overpass as police continue to investigate the chain reaction crash. What's left is a reminder of a nightmare from driving on thin ice.

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