$1 million, 70 ton donation to TSTC Harlingen

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POSTED: Tuesday, July 15, 2014 - 6:50pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 16, 2014 - 8:33am

Wind Energy Technology students at TSTC in Harligen, don't have to leave campus to receive real life field training anymore.

Joe Rangel, TSTC Student, "We're pretty excited that we actually get to do hands on because this is a technical school and it's literally, hands on."

The nacelle is about 20" long and 6" wide weighing 70 tons. It's valued right around $1 million, and it's all free to the students and faculty at TSTC Harlingen.

Hector Yanez, Division Director of Engineering, "A company offered to donate this nacelle to us knowing that we are one of the few schools that teach wind energy so we're able to take advantage of that donation."

This is a piece of equipment that sets TSTC apart from other schools with wind energy technology programs.

Rangel, "When we first started the semester, we weren't sure if we were going to get one, but now we got it, we're all excited and we are here almost every day looking at it, trying to put things back together."

Yanez, "It pushes us ahead of a lot of other schools that maybe don't have this type of equipment. It's also nice to have something right outside your classroom that students can just, ten second walk and they're already there in one of these nacelles."

Yanez says that usually students have to travel out to the field to get this sort of experience, which leads to different safety and insurance issues. Right now, TSTC is excited for the future of wind energy.

Yanez, "The wind energy technology, right now it's in its peak probably. We probably have the most students employed. [There will be] about 100 to 150 openings in the next year here in the valley."

Rangel, "I mean, that's something that we can definitely put on our resume that we've actually been inside a nacelle and we've been able to work with the components that are in there."

Faculty at TSTC report that the current entry level position in Wind Energy Technology is $20/hr.

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