Diabetes cure may be in the Valley

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Friday, August 9, 2013 - 10:43am

Diabetes is prevalent in the Rio Grande Valley, but the cure for the disease could also be found in this part of the country.

A new clinical trial research program is being introduced at the Joslin Diabetes Center in McAllen.

They’re trying to help minority diabetes patients find proper treatment.
In the past, minority patients did not have a strong presence in diabetes research studies.

Doctor Marcel Twahirwa believes the valley could eventually see improvement in the diabetic population.

Joslin Diabetes Medical Director Marcel Twahirwa says the cure for diabetes can be found in the valley.

“It’s probably not dreaming too much to think that maybe, why not? The cure of diabetes can be actually probably found in the valley. It would be appropriate because this is the population that is most affected by diabetes, so why not find the cure here? Twahirwa said.

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