Unveils New Kindle

Thursday, July 29, 2010 - 8:15am

Popular e-reader gets a surprise makeover.

Amazon's kindle e-reader isn't new, but this version is.

In company video, Amazon brags that it's smaller, lighter, faster and easier to read.

Critics are crowing about its most advanced feature.

"It has the added inclusion of wi-fi so you can use it on your home wi-fi network," said Wilson Rothman, MSNBC.com tech/sci editor.

The new one sells for the same price, $189, or you can choose the model that sells for $139 because it's wi-fi only.

"It’s $50 cheaper. It's a very aggressive play by Amazon and it does everything the other Kindle does,” said Rothman.

Amazon's been on a roll lately in the ever-competitive e-reading world.

The company just announced a week ago that it's now selling 80-percent more e-books than hardbacks.

After dropping the price of its e-reader, sales tripled, but this may be its coolest move yet.

The public can order starting today.

It'll ship late August.

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