Toilet Paper Caper

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 2:05pm

Security cameras show man repeatedly stealing toilet paper from city hall.

Security cameras have helped bust a Lawrence, Massachusetts man's toilet paper caper.

The toilet paper in Lawrence City Hall has been going fast, but not because of the reason you would typically think.

Someone has been stealing it, and the cameras finally helped catch the suspect.

“He’d go in and take the toilet paper in whatever quantity was available,” said Chief John Romero of the Lawrence Police Department.

Police say 53-year-old David Pinkham was captured on video walking towards an exit on the basement level of the building - however he does not leave.

Shortly after he turns around and heads back down the hall.

Then, he is seen leaving with a large box.

“I don’t know what he was doing with it, but in fact it was pretty evident that he was taking it on a regular basis,” said Romero.

Police say he swiped at least 20 rolls of toilet paper in one box alone.

They got the toilet paper thief all because of timing and a city employee who had his eyes open.

“People realized and they had his image on film,” said Romero. “When he was observed in the building they immediately approached an officer who was there on an unrelated matter and brought it to his attention.”

Pinkham admitted to authorities that he’s been taking toilet paper for awhile.

He was charged and put on probation according to investigators.

While it’s certainly not the crime of the century, the police chief says it proves that the City Hall security system is working.

“He could have been walking out with something more valuable and that could have been on tape as well, so the fact that the system is there and in place is good for us and good for the city," Romero said.

Chief Romero says when Pinkham was brought into the station he had about six rolls of toilet paper tucked into his pants.

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