Pierced Goose On The Loose

Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 10:13am

Oregon wildlife officers fail to capture goose with arrow through its neck.

Animal control officers in Oregon say they're amazed that a goose is able to fly after it was shot through the neck with an arrow.

Mike Hassett first spotted the goose.

"I saw a bird with an arrow sticking out of its neck and as I got closer that's when I could see he was hurt," he says.

Brian Wammack is an animal control officer for Multnomah County.

He and his colleague were dispatched to try and catch the wounded goose.

"They're going to be doing migrations this time of year and he's going to have to tote that thing around. It's going to make it difficult to fly, difficult to eat, more difficult to do what a goose does," Wammack says.

Unfortunately the injured goose flew away before animal control officers got to it.

They were able to make one key observation.

It appears the arrow in the goose's neck is a target arrow, not a hunter's.

Where the shooting took place remains a mystery.

"With this goose's ability to fly it could've happened a county away or a state away," Wammack says.

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