One Step Closer

Friday, August 13, 2010 - 11:08am

Judge rules same-sex marriages can begin next week in California.

Same-sex marriages are set to resume next week in California.

Judge Vaughn Walker lifted the stay that's keeping same-sex couples from saying "I do", but they don't have the right to marry just yet.

Late last week Judge Walker ruled the voter-passed Proposition Eight unconstitutional, then granted Prop Eight supporters a temporary stay of his decision.

That silenced any wedding bells.

On Thursday Judge Walker lifted that stay, but said Prop Eight supporters have a week to appeal.

There is measured enthusiasm in San Francisco's Castro district.

"I want to marry my boyfriend as soon as they make it legal," one man said.

The soonest any same-sex wedding bells will ring is next Wednesday, August 18th at five o'clock, after the Court of Appeals decides whether the stay should be lifted.

If the line for marriage licenses at San Francisco's City Hall is any indication, there are lots of couples eager to say
"I do".


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