Okie Chupacabras

Friday, July 23, 2010 - 9:52am

Teens snap photo of mysterious creature.

Are the legendary chupacabras on the prowl in Oklahoma?

A group of teens in Tecumseh believe they ran across the "goat sucker".

The kids claim to have spotted the unique creature in the woods behind Tecumseh High School.

A cell phone picture of the mystery animal backs up their story.

"It's got long back legs and it's front legs are small. It has a long tail and doesn't have any fur," said Ryan Craighead.

Wildlife experts say the chupacabras is an unproven folk tale.

"It is a mythological legend that's taken on a life of its own," said Oklahoma City Zoo Education Director Teresa Randall.

Documented sightings of the chupacabras often turn up hairless dog-like creatures.

"I think it would be realistic to have a coyote-dog-mix with pretty good case of mange," explains Randall.

The word "chupacabras" literally means the "goat sucker."

The name comes from its reported habit of drinking the blood of livestock.

Exactly what the kids saw in Tecumseh remains up for debate.

"I don't know. I'm thinking it's the chupacabras, but people say it's not real. I don't know," said Craighead.

"I've researched the chupacabras and that's what I'm thinking it is," said Dacee Ferguson.

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