Oil Well Cemented

Friday, August 6, 2010 - 9:41am

Engineers have finished pumping cement into the ruptured BP oil well.

Thursday afternoon, engineers finished pumping in cement to seal the well from the top.

There is a growing sense that the flow of oil may finally be over.

"This is not the end, but it will virtually assure us that there will be no chance of oil leaking into the environment," said Admiral Thad Allen, National Incident Commander.

But for many, the problems and frustrations from almost three months of crude pouring into the gulf are still very much alive.

There continue to be lingering questions about exactly how much oil is still in the water.

Government scientists say 75-percent of the 207-million gallons from the spill is gone, but those who work and live on the water aren't so sure.

They worry there is still crude weighed down by chemical dispersants well below the surface.

What most can see, and agree on right now, is there has been significant progress in sealing the leak.

A chance after 108 days to at least take a breath.

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