Oil platform sinks into the ocean.

Friday, April 23, 2010 - 10:23am

The search continued for 11 workers who were on an offshore oil platform that exploded in the Gulf of Mexico on Tuesday. The outcome looks to be bleak as each day goes by with no signs of survivors and the platform sinking on Thursday, NBC reporter Jay Gray has more.

While choppers and Coast Guard cutters continued to search the waters off the Louisiana gulf coast and officials admit hope is waning that any of the 11 missing workers survived. As the rescue effort seems to slowly slip toward a recovery, there is a new concern. After burning for more than 35 hours the platform collapsed and sunk below the water's surface and now could be a potential environmental disaster. Teams are rushing in to start the clean up, but already there's a sheen of crude oil mix a mile by five miles wide floating on top of the water.

As both the rescue and clean up efforts continue around the clock, there are more than 100 families thankful their loved ones survived.

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