Northeast region of country continues to deal with flooding.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 9:13am

Just weeks after record floods, rivers cresting and even getting higher than before are causing more problems for the Northeast region, NBC reporter Kristen Dahlgren has more.

Across the northeast it is an all out assault of rising waters and how to survive mother nature. Just weeks after record flooding in the region the water is back, even higher, overflowing banks and overtaking everything in its path. In Warwick, Rhode Island, a mall security officer had to be brought to safety himself when waters rose too quickly to escape. Hundreds have had to flee by any means possible and some are now in danger of losing everything as the water rips at fragile foundations.

Even for those out of danger, there is no escaping a flood of problems, the water has overwhelmed sewers and the area's major artery I-95 could be closed for several days. The onslaught is leaving already water logged residents shell shocked and doing the best they can, but wondering just how much worse it could get.

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