Junk Food Diet

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 3:48pm

Nutritionist loses 30 pounds on a diet of sweet snacks.

A nutrition professor at Kansas State University is on a junk food diet.

He has lost 30 in ten weeks and he's getting national attention for eating junk and losing weight.

"You know, it started as a class project," says Assistant Professor of Nutrition Mark Haub. "Yes some people call me crazy."

Haub says he's lost all the weight by eating a steady diet of junk.

In moderation.

"Twinkies, Nutty bars, snack cakes of all kinds," says Haub. "But I want to point out this is all in moderation. I count calories. And I've also been eating moderate amounts of vegetables and meats and drinking some milk."

As a nutritionist Haub began a class project to get his students to think outside the box.

"I wanted to come up with ideas to lose weight," says Haub, "But at the same time I wanted to challenge the popular notion that you can not eat fatty foods and still lose weight."

In the last ten weeks Haub has been counting and documenting exactly what he eats and says that documenting played a crucial part in losing his 30 pounds.

"Oh, there's no way I could have done it without writing down everything I eat," explains Haub, "You have to see what you eat. And, as for the junk? Go ahead and eat it. The problem with so many diets is that you jump off the bus because you don't like what you're eating. I am eating what I like. Period."

With the junk food diet Haub has been getting attention from across the globe.

"I've talked to people from Ireland, Norway, India... it's been a global experience," he says.

Haub says his diet absolutely does not allow for binge eating on snack foods.

"No, not a chance," explains Haub, "In fact binge eating on snack foods could have horrible consequences. It could lead to obesity or even go down the road towards diabetes. Eating junk is part of a balanced diet for me. I just happen to get some of my calories from junk."

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