Hottest Summer Since

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 11:54am

Experts confirm January thru July this year are the warmest on record.

This has been one of the hottest summers on record, and because there is still more than a month left of it, you might want to revisit some ideas that will allow you to save money in cooling costs.

Weather experts say January thru July were the warmest on record.

The forecast thru the end of the year also means that 2010 will most likely go down as the hottest since 1880.

Energy companies say they are still ready to handle the load.

Consumers should try and look for different ways to save, beginning with the costliest appliance of all.

"50 to 60% of the energy that's used in the home comes from that air conditioner," said Jason Walls from Duke Energy.

Turning up the thermostat and turning on the ceiling fans or any other type of fan could help.

"You can actually increase your thermostat by 4 to 6 degrees without feeling any difference at all," said Walls.

Especially in the days of electronic everything's, unplugging can save you a lot too.

"These are all things that use electricity even if you're not using that piece of equipment," said Walls.

Demand for energy is off from summer of 2007, before the economic downturn.

Some have already learned to use less energy because they have less money to be able to spend on it.

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