Holiday Travel

Friday, October 22, 2010 - 9:50am

When should you book your holiday travel?

Several airlines reported strong third quarter profits this week.

The newly merged United and Continental are making 30 times what they earned last year.

What does that mean for you this holiday season?

Charles Leocha of the Consumer Travel Alliance said, "It's one of the ironies of the whole industry, is that we are getting one of the best deals we've ever gotten in terms of airline tickets, the actual cost of flying, but passengers are more unhappy than ever."

Breanne Ropper of New Mexico saod, "It's cheaper to take a bus or a train."

Sue Palmer of Colorado said, "You know the gas prices are pretty good."

But if Grandma is a thousand miles away and you've got to fly, experts say buy now. Prices are already up six to eight percent over last year. That's expected to double.

If you wait, you may not find a seat you can afford.

"Airlines have indicated that they're not adding any new flights, so flights are going to be as crowded as possible, and the prices are going up," said Leocha.

If you're not traveling far, there may be cheaper options.

Jay Coleman of Washington D.C. said, "There's a bus that comes right there so it's pretty convenient, and it's a tenth of the price."

Tony Schlieper of Illinois said, "Amtrak just seemed like a little easier than trying to fly."

People are slowing down the trip to speed up the savings.

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