Heat Wave Contiues in the Northeast

Thursday, July 8, 2010 - 8:44am

Another day of extreme heat pushed from the Northeast to the Carolinas today with temperatures pushing into the 90's or triple digits.

For many this marked day-four of a heat wave, where staying hydrated was a challenge and taxed power grids reached their limits.

On Staten Island, homeowner Matt Burke sought shelter from the heat outside when the power went out.

Matt said "it's brutal, sleeping outside, to hot to be inside."

At a nursing home in Park Ridge, New Jersey, ambulances evacuated residents after an overnight power outage. In Philadelphia, seniors lined up for free fans.

One day after New York set a record of 103, the temperatures are slightly cooler in the 90's but the heat index still feels like it is 100+.

Portable water fountains dotted Times Square to keep tourists hydrated in the searing heat.

Just outside Boston, even road crews used to working in hot conditions, found this round of hot weather unbearable.

A road crew worker said "the asphalt, once in a while you get a break waiting on trucks, but other than that it's really brutal."

But many others were taking the heat wave in stride especially businesses like Clearview Ice catering to keep others cool.

And at this amusement park just outside Charlotte, costumed workers kept hydrated, all the while, keeping kids entertained.

There is relief in sight, temperatures are expected to slowly dip in the coming days.

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