Haywards Last Days

Monday, July 26, 2010 - 2:21pm

Rumors over fate of BP CEO Tony Hayward continue to swirl.

CNBC is reporting that Tony Hayward is out as the Chief Executive Officer of BP.

The move could come later this morning.

On Sunday retired Admiral Thad Allen, the government's point-man in the gulf, brushed aside talk about a leadership shift at BP.

"I have no knowledge of any personnel changes that may be going on, and I will continue to work as the incident commander and focus on what I do," he told reporters.

That focus is squarely on sealing the fractured well.

Now that a weekend storm has passed crews and equipment are back at the spill site.

Admiral Allen says he hopes that a permanent solution to the leak will be completed during the first week of August.

Crews could begin the initial phase of the "static kill" procedure as early as this week.

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