E Book Holiday Gifts

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 10:32am

E-books are a hot gift idea this year.

Mark burgess doesn't get his hands on real books much these days. Most of his reading is done on a thin, lightweight Amazon Kindle.

Mark Burgess says "the major appeal is being able to have your books with you all the time."

Mark says he's read about 50 books on his Kindle screen, some books synced to his iPhone.

Mark says "So wherever you left off on your Kindle at home you can pick up on your iPhone somewhere else."

Ashlie Little, Best Buy employee, says "which one is easiest to read? Which is the easiest to see outside, and which is the easiest to read inside?"

Ashlie Little of Best Buy says this is the year of the book reader, from the kindle to the Sony E-Reader to color Barnes and Noble Nook.

Ashlie says instead of the Apple iPad, parents are buying E-Readers for high school and college age students, a cheaper way to keep up on costly school books, and to keep their kids focused.

Ashlie says "not do your internet, not do your email, which is why it's kind of a favorite for parents because they can't do the email, they can't do internet. They can't play games when they should be reading their school books."

It wasn't that long ago that seeing someone read a book on a screen would get lots of stares, that' snot the case anymore.

Mark says "It's become less of a stare point, you know when you bring your Kindle out people don't point you know, 'He's reading a Kindle.' It's more, that's going on, and they bring out their e-reader."

Sales for the digital book readers has almost hit six million, a far cry from traditional book sales, but a rising trend for the future.

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