Driver Apologizes After Striking Kids

Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 9:41am

100-year-old man claims brakes failed; license was set to expire next week.

A 100-year-old man has apologized after striking a group of children with his car.

Eleven people, most of them children, were injured Wednesday afternoon when Preston Carter backed his car out of a supermarket parking lot and collided with a group near a school in South Los Angeles.

"I was backing out of the parking lot to go home and lost control. The brakes quit, failed, something," Carter told reporters on the scene. "I'm sorry."

Two children remained hospitalized, one was listed in critical condition, the other in serious condition.

Witnesses say they banged on the man's windows and yelled to try to get him to stop.

Carter was not given a ticket at the scene, and added that his license was set to expire September 5th.

"It was not on purpose, because I love everybody," Carter said. "I put God first."

His daugther, Rose Jenkins, said that she had wanted Carter to stop driving for the past year.

"I think this is a wakeup call for him and I don't think he will be driving any more," Jenkins said.

Carter's daughters defended their father as having "his right mind," but reiterated that he would no longer drive.

The vehicle involved was impounded.

Investigators said they would inspect it for mechanical problems.

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