Bound For Mars

Saturday, November 26, 2011 - 11:51am

New NASA probe set to blast off for the red planet.

NASA's next step in search for life on Mars is set to start Saturday when the latest Mars rover begins its long journey to the planet.

The rover is called "Curiosity" but calling it "complicated" may have worked, too.

"This is the most complicated mission we've attempted on the surface of Mars, the science kind of demands that," says project manager Peter Theisinger.

In this case, the science is trying to determine if Mars is or ever could have been a place that harbored life.

That's what Curiosity will be looking for, driving for miles across the red planet's landscape.

"This rover, Curiosity Rover, is really a Rover on steroids," says NASA's Colleen Hartman. "It will go longer, it will discover more than we could possibly imagine."

After its launch from Cape Canaveral the capsule carrying Curiosity will separate from the Atlas rocket and spend the next eight and a half months traveling 60 million miles to Mars.

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