Beauty Queen Facebook Fraud

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 - 4:10pm

Former beauty queen accused of hacking into Facebook account of former boss.

A former Florida beauty queen has been accused of Facebook fraud.

Detectives said Michelle Buck, a former Miss Ocala from 1991, hacked into another woman's account and posted unflattering updates.

Buck's husband could not resolve a pay dispute with his former boss, Barbara Henry.

The police report indicated Buck hacked into Henry's Facebook and wrote, "I am the one that's been the lying trash! I have been spreading rumors, and I'm not sorry."

"She had already de-friended me, and I really didn't care what was on her Facebook at that point," Buck said.

The police report stated Buck called Henry, confessed and asked her not to prosecute, but Buck said there was never a phone call and claimed she has the records to prove it.

Henry wasn't available for comment.

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