Angry In Arizona

Friday, July 30, 2010 - 8:16am

Protesters on both sides of immigration debate frustrated by new law.

Opponents of Arizona's immigration crackdown went ahead with protests Thursday despite a judge's ruling that delayed enforcement of most the law.

Meanwhile, sheriff's deputies in some areas of the state vowed to step up enforcement anyway.

Police made several arrests at Phoenix protests.

The law's chief sponsor claims there was no big change.

"The handcuffs come off for law enforcement. They have all the latitude they need to ask. that hasn't been changed," said Republican State Senator Russell Pearce.

Some Arizona police are glad the court blocked much of new law.

Pima County's Sheriff says it would have cost the state millions.

The state has asked an appeals court to delay the judges ruling and let the tough new law take full effect while the issue moves through the courts.


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