Medical Minute

Invisialign Braces: Modern approach to orthodontics 12/11 & 12/15

Invisaling: Dr. Dugoni talks about a modern approach to orthodontics.

Teeth Whitening: The difference between at home and professional teeth whitening 11/25/14

Dr. Zarrabi explains the difference between at home and professional teeth whitening.

Fillings: The different types of fillings available when visiting the dentist 11/10/2014

Fillings: Dr. Vu explains the different types of fillings available and dissipates the fear of visiting the dentist

Valley Baptist Health System

Dr. Wondwossen Tekle talks about how to prevent or detect a stroke.

Valley Baptist Health System

Dr. Fadi Alfayoumi explains how to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes: What Should One Do When a Wound Will not Heal?

Dr. Noel Olivera speaks about a wound that will not  heal after medical attention and the possibility of Diabetes being a cause of the wound not healing properly.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Guillaume Boiteau speaks about breast cancer awareness and the precautions a woman can take to help battle against the disease.

What can a young lady expect on her first GYN exam?

Dr. Pablo Rivera explains what a young woman can expect when she has her first GYN exam.

How important is prenatal care?

Dr. Ellen Eye informs new mothers about the importance of prenatal care.

RGV MedSpa: In-Office Awake Breast Augmentation

Dr. Ashraf A. Hilmy speaks about in-office awake breast augmentation for patients.

RGV MedSpa: Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Ashraf A. Hilmy discusses the different areas of cosmetic surgery.

What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Dr. Matt Loewen explains the cause and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

What is Pathology?

Dr. Rosemary Recavarren explains what pathology means.