March 8, 2012 News Center 23 Morning Update

Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 10:21am

Good morning, I'm Na’Tassia Finley with your News Center 23 update. Today is Thursday, March 8, 2012.

Authorities confirm that no human remains or evidence was found during the search of a ranch in San Juan. The FBI and Hidalgo County Sheriff's deputies had dug up parts of a ranch earlier this week after getting a tip on a cold case that's over 30 years old.
The case surrounds 21 year-old Kim sue Leggett. She was taken from her family-run business in Mercedes back in 1984. Officials believe Leggett was a victim of foul-play. As of now the case remains open.

Mission police continue to investigate a street level drug and gun operation. Twenty-two-year-old Roldan Sanchez has been arraigned on several charges. Police found Sanchez in a home on the three-thousand block of Gold St. Inside the home were several guns and several pounds of marijuana. They also found handcuffs, night vision goggles, and ski masks, items police strongly believe tie him to criminal activity. Mission police started their investigation from a Crime Stoppers tip.

Drunk driving may be to blame for a school bus accident in San Juan yesterday.
The 38 year-old driver, in a pick-up truck, failed to yield the right of way to the bus. Thirteen students were on board. Two students, complaining of chest pain, were taken to the hospital by their parents. The driver of the truck was detained on suspicion of intoxication.

The city of Weslaco has 730 days to get their water treatment plant in compliance. They were fined eleven hundred dollars by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality after violating treatment regulations for several years now. The facility is looking to expand their treatment plant to get into compliance. The project would cost around 43-million dollars. Residents will be charged an 18- percent increase on their water bill. The city of Weslaco could start the expansion process as early as July.

BISD trustees are considering the idea to request a reimbursement of the 250-thousand dollar audit performed by Defenbaugh and Associates last month.
This is amid allegations that former board president Catalina Presas Garcia had hired the firm to do legal work for her without informing the other board members.
The information remained disclosed until this week. BISD has denied the allegations of any conflicts of interest.

Cavity culprits...Dentist Alegra Midgley of the Brownsville Community Health Center says they are starting to see a major trend in dental disease among children here in the valley. She says her younger patients seem to be drinking too much high sugar drinks like sodas and Gatorades and snack on things like Hot Cheetos and hot Taki's and are not brushing well enough or often enough in between these snacks. These things she says can lead to cavities very, very quickly. Midgley says a patient should seek treatment at the first sign of irritation.

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