Tropical Storm Don Headed to Texas

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 8:55am

It’s sunny today but that may change in a few days. This system developing in the Gulf of Mexico may bring some torrential rains, even flooding to our region, but we may also see no rain at all.

"A lot will be determined how the winds in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere are turning around high pressure. Partly it's been causing that big heat wave in the east coast. If the winds continue to turn around the periphery and move to the northwest, it'll drive this system to the northwest towards the upper Texas coast and leave the Valley pretty high and dry."

But if those winds don't pick it up and moves in the standard east to west direction, then the Valley has a bigger threat. As of Wednesday morning, the tropical wave was gaining more and more strength. The National Hurricane Center reported there was a 100% chance of development into a depression or storm. Well, this afternoon, the system has now turned to Tropical Storm Don, the fourth storm of the season.

"If it does come toward the Valley we may have a slightly lesser chance of growing rapidly in which case it could become a tropical storm and drop some more needed rain, get a little bit of wind, increase the surf and things like that. Kind of what we saw with Arlene, Hermine and Alex in that ballpark versus say a Dolly."

Where it will go remains uncertain for at least another day or so but people should start making preparations instead of waiting until the very last minute. We’ll keep you updated as this system keeps developing every few hours.

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