Teen Brings Bullet To Middle School

Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 10:34am

Both Jo Nelson Middle High and the school high were put on lockdown after police say a student brought a .22 bullet inside the middle school.

Santa Rosa police arrived to Jo Nelson Middle School around 8am after reports a student had a bullet. The school was immediately put on lockdown.

"We located the bullet but we didn't not locate any weapons, the student who was 13 year old was detained for investigation."

The police department said that one was one hurt. Chief Xavier Martinez says the 13 year old brought the bullet from home.

"Approximately 2 year ago they moved into a resident upon cleaning they found this .22 caliber bullet and kept in the glass because they didn't know how to dispose of it. Tuesday he was looking for a movie where this glass was, he took it to school Wednesday."

Police say at school he was showing the bullet off to three of his fellow classmates.
They then notified the teachers who notified the police.
At this times no charges have been filed. The 13 year old was released to his parents.

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Thank you for reporting the incident correctly. Channel 4 did not get the story right.

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