SPECIAL REPORT:Border Patrol Protecting the US

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 11:02am

Along this Rio Grande it's an everyday battle to protect our borders whether it's drug smugglers or undocumented immigrants trying to get in United States. We follow along with Border Patrol on the ground to see how they are safeguarding the United States.

From October 2009 to August 2010 Border Patrol agents seized 858,500 pounds of marijuana and apprehended 55,900 undocumented immigrants.
Boats on the water, agents on foot, and in vehicles with support from helicopters in the air all critical assets to big number of drug sezures and undocumented caught.

We are following Border Patrol public affairs officers Daniel Milian who shows the day to day operations of Border Patrol agents. We first starting by heading down to the river.

Border patrol agents have a wide spand of water to cover. In total they have cover 316 miles in the RGV sector that goes from the mouth to falcon heights.

A key tool for Border Patrol is their boats marines agents

"Essentially they are first line of defense."

These agents are fully armed.
Millian's says they are constantly patrolling and on the lookout for drug runners and undocumented immigrants...
Drug runners and the undocumented uses devices like john boats, inflatable rafts, and intertubes to get their drugs and themselves across.

Milian says the next face of defense is agents on foot and in vehicles. He shows us several areas where agents patrol. They are known routes smugglers use to try to get in the US.

"You see widely used trail because it's evident because of the grass is stepped on so much."

Next we hop in a Border Patrol unit and ride along the border wall.

"You can see where agents have a patrol road south which gives us easy access"

"Border patrol agents say this wall is about 18 feet high and is a critical security measure to prevent smugglers from getting into the US."

"Because he have a physical barrier in place we are at a greater success rate, more apprehensions more seizures because now they are being forced to cross the where we want them to do and we have a greater response time."

We continue along the border and see high tech cameras on towers. These high cameras are equipped with night vision and can detect smugglers and undocumented. Border patrol says they are just some of tools they used to keep our border safe. They say they will continue to work keep our borders safe everyday.

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