South Padre Island Officials Are Looking at Charging For Parking Along Gulf Blvd.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 - 8:12am

Many folks are enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach. A lot of those folks are using parking spots along Gulf Boulevard. Currently parking is free but that could soon change as Island officials are looking to charge for parking along Gulf boulevard.

"It will be at the beach accesses and where parking is allowed, the spaces that are marked."

Mayor Robert Pinkerton says it's about making parking more organized as parking gets very busy especially during the summer. He's adds that county beaches already charge for parking.

"We are not looking to make money that's why we are looking for company to do it, fund it, manage it do everything it takes."

The mayors says under the proposal there would be several places along the street where people can pay for parking. When they pay they would receive a ticket to put inside their window. At this time they are still looking at how much it would cost to park.

A lot of people Newscenter 23 talked to are unhappy with the idea.

"Parking here for us locals who come on our days off seems ridiculous since we are already paying taxes and now we have to pay for parking it think its ridiculous."
"I think it would discourage tourism"

Officials say they not sure if parking would be charged all year around or just certain seasons. The mayor says they are trying to have the parking charge in place by next summer.

Island officials says you could have to pay a fine of $50 if you don't follow the parking rules.

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Its always about money! What about the part of the community that cant afford it. Its gets harder and harder to have a good time with the people you love without your wallet having to take a hit! The econony is already bad enough, Dont you think Mr. Pinkerton?

That is sooo retarded! Where are you suppose to park??? Those parking lots are always filled during busy days! If you do that, then make some fucking park garages!

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