Some Students and Parents Upset About STAMP Program Proposal at Veterans Memorial

POSTED: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 1:07pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 3:50pm

It was packed crowd with concerned students and parents as the interim superindent Dr Carl Montoya and administration for BISD are proposing a program called "STAMP" which stands for the Science Technology and Medical Professions College Preparatory Program.
Administration is proposing to open in August of 2012 at the New Veterans Memorial High School.
BISD says the "STAMP" program would relocate and expand two of the district's most popular magnet programs in health professions and engineering professions and also incorporate architecture and design so that more students could be enrolled.
They add students already enrolled at Veterans Memorial would be able to continue until they graduate.

"We are also going to try to get some dual enrollment where the students will get dual credit as students at Veterans and as a student at the university, under dual enrollment they are allowed to get a diploma from Veterans and associates degree from at the university."

Not everyone is on board with the plan including several people who spoke at public comment Tuesday night.

"You have spoken staff at Veterans and have told them you are phasing out the current freshman class all how are stating keep Veterans as it is."
"What about the teachers jobs in future what about the students and how it changes in the run including my siblings who wont be able to attend veterans."

BISD says that the school will remain Veterans Memorial and all students at Veterans Memorial including the "STAMP" college preparatory students would continue to participate in traditional extracurricular activities like competitive athletics and fine arts.

"Make sure students are successful and bring a program that has been program that has been successful in other schools and looking at every child we all care about the students. We are here because we have been working very hard to change what has not in the past."

Administration says they will continue looking at the program and will have several more meeting to discuss STAMP.

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What this board and superintendent Atkinson are doing is wrong! The reason parents take their kids to IDEA and STISD is because of idiots like our current board members and Dr. Atkinson. If they want to teach our students a lesson, teach them the meaning of free speech and their right to peaceful demonstrations, which is what these students are doing. Instead, they try to intimidate them by suspending their principal.When is the next election? Cant' wait!!


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