Smoke from controlled burn causes accident.

Thursday, May 27, 2010 - 9:17am

The San Benito Fire Department responded to a call of a grass fire, but did have to respond to a accident on the highway caused by the smoke from the fire crossing over the highway. It was reported that there was a death of a man who stepped out of his car to wave down traffic to slow down and was run over by a driver who did not see the man. There was a total of nine cars involved in the accident which was cause by the smoke of a controlled burn on the field.

Both San Benito fire and police departments will continue to investigate the accident, but are asking drivers to be cautious when driving through smoke and to slow down. NewsCenter 23 checked with the  Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on controlled burn regulations and found out that:
1. The sugar cane mill must notify when the burn will take place.
2. Only a certain amount of acres can be burned at one time.
3. They must check with the National Weather Service on the weather conditions on the day of the burn.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be investigating on this controlled burn.

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