Sky Diving On South Padre Island

POSTED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 9:00pm

UPDATED: Friday, December 2, 2011 - 9:02pm

This is Jim Carlson. He from Minnesota who's retired. He has been living on South Padre Island since 1998. Friday is Jim's birthday.

"Today was my 78th birthday and I have been watching these skydivers come down everyday, wouldn't it be nice if I skydived for the first time on my 78th birthday."

So Carlson headed over to Clayton's Beach bar and decided to go sky diving with Skydive South Padre Island. Frank Shisler is owner of the company and has 17 years experience and has done over 10,000 skydives. He has two instructions on his staff

"You don't need to know anything about sky diving, all we do is teach you safety what to do to get out of the airplane and we do the rest, all it is, is going for a real cool ride."

Carlson fills out some paperwork and gets a brief tutorial.

"Put on like a jacket 1-2, 2 on this side 3-4, each of these connect 1-2, 3-4 so when are connected them it's like we are one person when jumping."

Carlson and his friend Rocko head with the Skydive South Padre Island crew to Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport where they ready for take off.
There in the air flying off beautiful South Padre Island. Jim Carlson and his buddy Rocko are ready.

"You read to jump out of this airplane? Yea, happy b-day, well see you down there."
"Rocko you are all hooked up you ready to jump out of this airplane, have fun."

After of couple minutes in the plane to excitement really starts.

Carlson finish their ride.

"It's probably is my best birthday experience."


SkyDive South Padre Island


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