Should You Have to Pay?

Saturday, June 26, 2010 - 9:28pm

There is some controversy on South Padre Island. The Laguana Madre Nature Trail has been free since 1993. With a new Birding Center with boardwalks now connected to the Laguana Madre's boardwalk a gate has been made where the Laguana Madre Nature trail is. Should people now have to pay to go on this boardwalk? Matt Fernandez has the story.  

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Have the officials of SPI lost their mind?! Taking away the free boardwalk, taking away parking? They need new elected officials so the public can obtain the rights to the town. Rediculous! This is going to start hurting the residents and tourists on the island. Beautiful town ran by a bunch of greedy schmucks! Thank you Channel 23 for bringing this to Cameron Countys attention!

I attended the Commissioner's Court meeting and am pleased that they are trying to work out a win-win situation for all. We have two separate entities here; one established in 1992 (The Laguna Madre Nature Trail, FREE to the public) and one established recently (The SPI Birding and Nature Center, who charges admission.) No problem. The SPI Convention Centre MAINTAINS the older board walks! The Gate should be moved and income generated for the Birding Center be from where THEIR gates are located.

In November of 2001 Cameron County and the South Padre Island Convention Centre signed an agreement stating that maintenance of the Boardwalk and Nature Trail would be handled by the South Padre Island Convention Centre. Richard Franke stated that the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center needed to charge the $5.00 Fee to cover maintenance costs to the Boardwalk. I believe that Mr. Franke is incorrect in this statement since the Convention Centre is in charge of maintenance.

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