San Benito Residents Concerned of Water Rate Increases

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 - 9:26am

The City of San Benito says that they are facing a shortfall of $1.6 million dollars on the proposed budget from the cost of the water treatment plant.

Some residents in San Benito are concerned that the city's shortfall in the budget may cause their water rates to increase so that the city has the funds to cover that shortage. One resident, Mike Frazier, says one way the city can cover the deference is the meter equivalent unit per household program.

This would make sure people are using the right meter size based on the size of their home or building and charging each resident a different water rate. One example would be a home which uses a 5/8 or 1 inch meter based on a rate of 0 to 2,000 gallons would be charged about $21 dollars and any additional gallons used would be charged a fee.

For a larger building, such as an apartment, the building would use a 6 inch meter based on a rate for 0 to 2,000 gallons would generate a bill about $118 dollars. Frazier says if residents use the right type of meter the city could make about $700,000 dollars in revenue.

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