San Benito Park to Charge Usage Fees

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 - 7:05am

Stookey Park in San Benito has baseball, soccer and football fields for everyone in the community to use and in the past there has not been any usage fees. Luis Patino, like many in the community, enjoys going and playing on the field's park for several hours, but soon usage fees could go up big.

In the past, to use the fields was free, now proposed daily rates user feeds to use a large baseball field is $250 dollars, $150 for a medium and small field. The soccer and football fields it's $250 for a large and $150 for a small. We asked the Assistant City Manager why the big proposed increase, "They are used a lot when they use the lighting system it cost a pretty good amount of money, we are just not recouping any of that."

There some usage fees if you want to use the pavilion with the caboose, that's going to cost you $500 dollar for four hours. If you are a group and want to rent out that swimming pool it will cost you $100 dollars an hour. Patino's big concern are the fees for the field's which he proposed rates don't go through. City council is expected to vote on the proposed rates for the park along with other city departments that could see some spikes in fees.

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