Quick Tips for Working Off All Those High Fat Super Bowl Favorites

Friday, February 3, 2012 - 11:04am

It’s the second biggest day for food consumption in the U-S- of A.
Super Bowl Sunday falls right behind Thanksgiving.
News Center 23 reporter Na’Tassia Finley offers some quick tips for burning off all those high fat Super Bowl favorites.

Super bowl Sunday is quickly approaching, so what's on your super bowl menu and how many calories are in all that grub?

"fajitas pollo"

Well the Super Bowl party goers we found on the streets of Brownsville apparently seem to be sticking to the low carb, high protein diet this Super Bowl Sunday, but there's a good chance that other Super Bowl fun foods will make it on to coffee tables across the nation, and those, not so healthy, in fact many are high fat foods.

A study by Dr. Charles Plaktin, an assistant professor at Hunter College in New York City, breaks down football related exercises one would have to do in order to burn off several of those Super Bowl favs.

Let's get started, mac-and-cheese balls, sound delicious and they should be. At a whopping five hundred calories per cheesy delight you'd have to run 249 football fields. Hope your lungs are up for the challenge.

Another quick and easy Super Bowl favorite, greasy, cheesy, meat lover's pizza. It's loaded with fat, but tastes oh so good. Let's get real people, you don't have a prayer. That pizza is going right to your gut, but you can do a little prayer after indulging in hopes that that fat burns from your belly, and by a little prayer, I mean "Tebowing" for twenty hours straight.

Well, it's a hit or miss at some football watching parties, the deviled egg. It's both high in fat and cholesterol so bypassing that mayo filled egg is a probably a good thing, but if you must, get ready to break out the spandex and bring your best cheerleading moves ‘cause you've gotta get down for 12 minutes to burn off those calories. Speaking of cheerleading....Who ya rootin’ for?

"Go Giants"
"New York"
"Giants, of course."

Not much support for the Pats from locals here...We'll just have to see how it plays out on the field I suppose.

But you, get your game face on, cause you'll need to play catch non-stop for over an hour to burn off just three pigs in a blanket.

Next up, extra crispy, fried chicken, just one breast and a drumstick means getting down with ya bad self. Bust out the dance moves, you'll need ‘em. Eating that fried goodness will require 203 touchdown dances, my personal favorite, "the worm".

So how you gonna wash down all that food? Water is probably best, but come on, football and beer just go hand in hand and before you know it, your fridge is empty cause you and your buddies have guzzled 'em down and at roughly six beers at 145 calories each, burning
the nearly 900 calories of alcohol will require several thousand repetitions of the wave, 4,280 to be exact.
So if you don't feel like burning out your legs to the point that you think they're gonna fall off, Dr. Platkin suggests trying out a few light brewskys.

And if you need a sweet treat, choose wisely. Take one slice of Hoosier cream pie for example. It's the unofficial pie of Indianapolis, the place where the Super Bowl is being played this year. You'll have to lace up those tennis shoes and get a good stretch on cause you'll be climbing stadium stairs for just under an hour to burn all that sugar, whipping cream, butter and milk off.

So, will you be having carrot chips or chips and dip? Your call! Just remember you run the risk of packing on the pounds, but then again, the Super Bowl is only once a year; you can always hit the gym hard on Monday!

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