Police Say Man Assaulted Two Cops

Friday, March 19, 2010 - 12:17pm

San Benito Police have charged 24 year old Isaias Quintanilla Junior with 2 counts of  assault on a police officer, 2 counts of felony theft, evading arrest, burgarly of a motor vehicle, and resisting arrest arrest. Matt Fernandez has more.  

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and to the news person talking he isnt 24 he is 23 years old

how do they expect for someone to get a life when they have always been around to harass them im not saying he is perfect which i know he is not at all he has always had problems growing up but he does not deserve all those charges its so sad that a judge or officers can hurt or cause family violence in there home and they let them out back in the streets but when its a poor civillian out on the street they have to look for him like he commited murder they system is corrupted

the police officer fell down and complained about his finger then and then started running nothing fell on the other office about debree thats very sad for officer who can do what they want accuse some one okay now ask the cops how many times they harrased him he didnt feel free to walk in the streets he couldnt even find a job because he was let go of jail and then here they come again stating he had another warrant then they arrested him and then he will serve and there comes the police

no sir the ploice stated with the injury of the finger that he hurt himself inside the home thats where he was complaining about his finger which isaias father was there to confirm thats when he got back up and started running thats a lie also they didnt go in the home with warrant he was in the attic fixing something he didnt know the cops were inside till he heard them thats when he ran san benito cops have always been after him he goes in for a warrant and comes out and now he is back in

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