Plane Makes Emergency Landing In Rio Hondo

Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 9:25am

Cameron county officials say this plane owned by Gulf Aviation had to make an emergency landing in a field near FM 106 just about a 1/2 mile away from Rio Hondo high school around 11:30 Wednesday morning.

"There was significant damage to propeller and the landing gear."

David Garza is the president of Gulf Aviation.

"We need to get more information from the pilot but he said was flying along and lost engine power."

Garza says the plane was flying around around 2,000 to 3,000 feet in the air.
It was just last Thursday this same plane with a different pilot had to make and emergency landing in Willacy County due to mechanical problems.

"Is there anything to this tied to the last incident? We are looking that anything that would show a pattern and immediately there is no pattern, in fact the cause of last weeks incident has nothing to due with this one."

We spoke with the pilot who says he was doing fruit drops. He says he was not injured and doing fine.

"The FAA has got involved and will be investigating why had it to make an emergency landing again."

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