New Details in Cummings Middle School Shooting

POSTED: Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 11:20am

UPDATED: Thursday, January 5, 2012 - 6:40pm

It's a very somber mood at Valley Baptist Medical Center as a student died here earlier following a police involved shooting at Cummings Middle School.

Police Wednesday morning responded to Cummings Middle school after school personnel reported a student with a gun.
Police say school personnel told them a student was assaulting another student and noticed he had a weapon.
Police identified the suspect as 15 year old Jaime Gonzalez.
When police arrived they asked Gonzalez to put down the weapon repeatedly.

"He again refused and pointed the weapon at the officers and two officers that were actively engaged by suspect then fired upon the suspect striking him twice."

Police say they used long rifles to shoot Gonzalez. Police say Gonzalez was holding this gun, which is a CO-2 Pellet Pistol.
After being shot Gonzalez was taken to Valley Baptist Medical Center.
Dr. Lorenzo Pelly was one of the doctors in the trauma center that treated Gonzalez.

"We attempted recessitation manuevers and we worked very hard to save his life but I believe this man died at the scene of the shooting."

After being in the trauma room for about an hour Dr. Pelly had to give the news to the Gonzalez family.

"Just telling the parent your child has passed is extremely hard, extremely hard."

No other injuries were reported after the incident at Cummings Middle School.
Brownsville police says the investigation continues with the help of BISD police and the Texas rangers.

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I read on another website there were 3 shots, one was to the back of the young man's head.
This boy should not have died!!!
Stepmother conned into signing a document releasing the police of any wrongdoing!!
This family needs a good attorney, I am hoping an attorney helps this family fight against
the police!! This attorney help them
PRO BONO (no charge)
A full investigation has to be done.
I will post on Nancy Grace to get media attention.

SeƱores Policias, no escupan para arriba porque les puede caer su misma saliva, tengan cuidado porque tambien ustedes son padres y sus hijos no son perfectos pudo aver sido uno de los tuyos puedes estar en el lugar de esos padres.. no se sientan muy seguros por ser policias porque tambien son padres. Estamos con el dolor de esos padres, los tendremos en oracion. Dios los Bendiga

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