IBWC Prepared to Divert Mexican Flood Waters

Monday, July 5, 2010 - 8:01pm

This is the flooding caused by Hurricane Alex in Mexico. Those flood waters could make it's way to the Rio Grande Valley. That's why the International Boundary and Water Commission has crews monitoring the Retemal Diversion Dam between Progresso and Donna. Rodolfo Montero says the plan to hold most of the water.

"It's going to held here between Retemal and Anzalduas and if more water comes that will spill into the floodways and this particular dam will hold water to spill into Mexico floodway and Anzalduas will hold American floodwaters."

Montero says most of the water will stay between Retemal and Anzaldua but a certain amount will be let through at the Retemal Diversion Dam.

Montero says there no reason to worry at all.

"The floodway was designed for 556 cubic meters per second and has a lot free bound, only 200 cubic meters per second is going through and than 20% maybe 15% goes in the floodways, so we are ok."

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